Before urgent plumbing comes, you must know who among the many plumbers to call. In Melbourne, many 24 hour plumbers are willing and available to provide you with the plumbing service that you need, but not all of them are capable and righteously the one to hire. This article can help you in finding the right plumber to call when emergency plumbing comes.


Below are some of the important things you need to look into before pinning a plumber’s number on your phone’s quick dial button:




It is an emergency. Hence, you have no idea when will it happen. Choosing a plumber that is available round the clock and considers no holidays or weekends, is a good idea. You would not want to wait in the middle of the night to have your leaking faucet fixed because the plumber is only available the following morning. Make sure that the plumber offers 24/7 service, including holidays and weekends, or else, you are left with no choice but to bear with the hassle and troubles a leaking faucet may bring.


Plumbing services they offer


Just so you know, not all plumbers in Melbourne are capable of working on gas plumbing and so on. You have to make sure that the plumber is capable, licensed and insured to work on almost all plumbing issues. Before collecting their contact information and considering them, ask for the services they offer.


Cost of their service


It is given that plumbing services rendered in the middle of the night are more expensive than the regular hours. Needless to say, asking plumbers for their rates can help you a lot in choosing who among them can provide excellent service at a cost you can afford. Of course, it is always the quality of work you need to prioritise when choosing a plumber, but that should not make you put aside the rates. Keep in mind that not all plumbers that charge the most expensive are the best ones and vice versa.


Make sure that the location of their office is located near your home. Choosing plumbers that need to travel far is not the most ideal for emergency plumbing cases. And besides, not all plumbers are allowed to work in Melbourne, therefore hiring a local plumber is best may it be for emergency plumbing cases or regular ones.


Response time


Make sure you know their response time. If an emergency plumbing issue is left unresolved for a long time, it may lead to serious issues and high expenditures. Ask the plumber of the estimated response time they can provide as emergency plumbing issues must not be put on hold for a long time. Apart from being able to provide 24/7 service, you may also want to consider the closest proximity in your home to ensure that they will arrive sooner. Trade-Edge are 24 hour plumbers in Melbourne. They are the best choice for emergency plumbers if you live within the area.


Professionalism of plumbers


Everyone must be good with what they do, they may all have the insurance, certificates and experience, but not all are professional enough to treat their customers with respect. Choose plumbers that value their work and their customers as well.


Now that you know the factors to consider when choosing a plumber, you can now start looking for the best emergency plumber to hire in Melbourne.