Best color palettes for the home and how to achieve them.

Decorating your home can make you feel indecisive and overwhelmed; this is normal. Furniture stores provide a wide variety to accommodate different styles and tastes. More options leave room to get creative. You can make your home emulate any desired atmosphere. Whether you choose to design your home to replicate Harlem nights or modern chic, you will want to know what the best home palettes are to give you an idea of what direction you should go in. We have put together a list to get you started.

  1. Green, Slate Grey, Brown, and White.

Stay modern while standing out from the crowd with these colour choices. It is a great way to remain neutral and surprise guests as they take in the aesthetics of your home. The key to achieving this look is to choose which of the colours you want to be your base. We recommend first playing with painting your walls a pea green shade then bring in brown and slate grey furnishings with green and white accent pieces. If pea green seems a little loud, we found that a lovely mossy green looks ravishing against chocolate brown touches.

  1. Taupe, Cream, White, and Beige

Nothing is ever wrong with sticking to the basics. Basics help give you a solid base, which allows you to further build from later. These neutral tones will help lighten up spaces that lack natural light and make well-lit rooms shine more joy into your home. Get this look by painting your walls white, building depth through taupe and beige fabrics, accessories and objects. If you want to really illuminate your space, try keeping the main furniture, like the bed and couch, all white.

  1. Baby Blue, Khaki Tan, Adobe Orange-Red, White, and Beige

To really appreciate this palette idea, you have to experience it. Walking into a room with such low impact hues bring a sense of calm and peace. Tensions in mind begin to fade, and everything comes into perspective. To obtain this look go for a white painted ceiling and moulding, keeping the walls a plain or painted blue. Let khaki tan or beige be your main fabrics for curtains, bed frames, and focal pieces. After, spread rustic orange-red and brown toned pieces throughout your home, adding lush green plants by windows. You can even continue the light blue theme beyond the walls. Incorporating light blue single chairs, sheets and assortment pieces bring a thoughtful touch into the mix.

  1. Orange, White, and Brown

For the bold and strong bring endless vigour and jazz into your home with this colour scheme. Achieve this look by painting the walls and moulding orange and leave the ceiling white. From there the rest is simple; simply assort brown furniture throughout your spaces with white accents here and there.