How to Pick the Proper Bedding for Your Home

After a hard day of work, school, or whatever you may have to deal with on a daily basis, nothing beats coming home to a comfortable bed and finally getting some shut-eye! How do you make the perfect nest at home? Perhaps you’re in the process of moving or looking to update your current bedroom. Either way, there are tons of things to take into consideration when picking proper bedding for your household.

One of the first things you should consider is whether anyone who will be using the bed has certain allergies or if they are sensitive to specific fabrics. Many stores carry hypoallergenic bedding which may be just what the doctor ordered! If you lay down at night and suddenly feel more sniffly or congested, it may be time to look into purchasing hypoallergenic products. Pillowcases and protectors can come in various options and are arguably the most important piece of bedding to make sure is hypoallergenic, considering it is the closest to your face all night. You can protect yourself against dust as well as everyday allergens that you might not even know exist.

Once you’re certain the bedding is breathable and free of allergens, the next thing to think about is your comfort. Many of us have had unpleasant experiences with itchy or scratchy bedding in the past. No one likes an uncomfortable and rough sheet wrapped around them at night so take the time to research what sheets will provide the best feeling experience. Whether you’re a fan of silk sheets or wanting 800-1,000 thread count cotton sheets, comfort is something that everyone needs to consider. You can test out what you may like best by heading to a local homeware store and getting a feel for the different fabrics in person.

If you have children, you may need to take note of a few extra things when it comes to picking out proper bedding. Some fabric is dry clean only and won’t tolerate messes very well. If your little ones have a habit of jumping up into bed with you, it may be best to invest in sheets that can be washed multiple times easily and can handle wear. If your kids have a favourite cartoon character or colour, it can be a simple way to upgrade their bedroom just by adding in new sheets that they will enjoy. Pets are something to be thought about as well since many people have their dog or cat sleep in bed with them. Will your cat’s nails get caught in knitted fabric? Something sleeker or simple like cotton can be perfect for both you and your pet! We spend a lot of time in our bed so make sure to choose the best bedding possible.