Travertine tile is an innate rock that’s readily found across the world in quarries. It comes in many colours and varieties. It gives a home that natural gleam that is sorted by many homeowners. It’s perfect for decorating both the inside and outside the house. The tiles come in more than one hundred blueprints. Apart from its beauty, the travertine tiles are long-lasting and can also be a perfect match for the bathroom and kitchen. The usage of these tiles is historical; the Romans used it in building magnificent structures.

If one goes through historical sites and buildings, many of those currently standing are an excellent example of how a travertine tile has been preferred over the ages. Worldwide use of the tiles can also be seen in modern apartments and offices.

Although there are many types of tiles, travertine tiles are used majorly by many builders and homeowners; the tiles can also be a perfect match for walls and support structures of buildings.


Why are travertine tiles preferred?

  • First, the travertine tiles are highly affordable across the world. They are luxurious yet pocket friendly, making them an easy choice for home builders. From small houses to huge mansions and apartments, travertine tiles can fit any owner’s budget.
  • The tiles are also highly durable. They have been historically proven to last longer than any other tiles since the roman structures that were erected and tiled using the materials are still around. Using the travertine tiles ensures the builder that the home or office can be there for a very long time.
  • Travertine tiles are also known to match many colours used in building, making it a perfect selection since the styles can match any stone or painting that’s chosen in a building.
  • Travertine tiles can also uplift the market valuation of a home or office building. Since they are beautiful, it’s easier to sell a building with travertine tiles on it than any other choice. A buyer’s ability to give more money when purchasing a home whose floor is made of travertine tiles is higher.
  • For masons, the tiles can easily be shaped into any style that’s needed; hence, they make their work easier. Whichever the design that a builder may want, the travertine tiles are a good choice; from cubicle shapes, rectangular circular, or any other, the tiles would fit in perfectly.
  • Fits well as a replacement solution; in cases where housing tiles need to be replaced, travertine tiles are a perfect solution since they can fit in any repair environment. When replacing cracked old tiles, one may require to use travertine tiles, which would fit perfectly.
  • Travertine tiles are very easy to polish, making them look sparkling. They are a perfect choice for an easy to clean tiled floor. Apart from that, one may use less time cleaning the tiled floor compared to other tiles since the surface is glossy and smooth.
  • The tiles do not easily wear off, making it a better choice for floors that are used by many people.

The above reason makes the travertine tiles not only preferred by many, but they have shown to have good results. The good news being that the tiles are widely available then they can be used by anyone across the world.