The use of sparkling water has risen quite a great deal. Ask any millennial and you would see that it’s become far more preferable to drink carbonated water then drinking plain old flat water. It is more phenomenal thanks to Instagram and other social media websites. Many influencers endorse the use of sparkling water and ensure that they talk about it in their posts.

If you are considering installing residential sparkling water taps in your home, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind.

Residential sparkling water taps come in a variety of designs and styles

Just like any other water tap, residential sparkling water types comes in a variety of designs and styles. However it is important that you only buy this from a trusted supplier. When it comes to quality there should be absolutely no compromise because it is something which you would be drinking on a daily basis and offering to the guests as well. Make sure that you find out about the company that has designed the tap and whether it is efficient enough to be used in your home or not.

The difference between sparkling water and regular water

The actual difference between sparkling water and regular water is that the latter is pretty much flat while sparking water is full of bubbles. This difference in appearance is enough to make the millennial reach for a bottle of carbonated water instead of drinking flat water.

There are several theories out there which say that sparkling water is not a healthy choice and cannot replace regular drinking water. However there is some evidence which might prove that carbonated water can actually erode the tooth enamel. This could be due to the presence of carbonic acid which gives the of sparkling water it’s bright look and tangy taste.

It can also give you a bit of indigestion, especially if you drink it too fast on an empty stomach. You might find yourself visiting the bathroom more often. But other than that there are no really harmful effects of drinking it on a daily basis. In fact If you are trying to replace your love of sugary drinks for a glass of sparkling water, you are in for a treat. Not only does it taste more refreshing than regular water but it is also empty of any galleries which you would find in the sugary and carbonated drink.

There are also few myths associated with sparkling water. It is said that drinking carbonated water might reduce the calcium levels in the body. This could lead to low mineral density. However when the test was conducted it was seen that women who drink plain carbonated water did not show any signs of mineral deficiency.

In conclusion, sparkling water tap installations in your home would actually be a good idea because it would encourage you to drink more water due to its refreshing taste. Plus it also looks great and can really cast a good impression on those who visit you.