Trees are naturally beautiful and very important to both animals and human beings. This is why many people choose to take care of the trees that they have at their disposal without minding the cost that they will incur. There so many ways in which you can take care of your trees so that they can grow the way you want them to grow. Some of the people who grow trees in Sutherland Shire choose to prune their trees, save them in different shapes, water them, weed and even remove their trees. All these tree management practices have a reason and have their benefits. Some so many people will also ignore taking care of their trees because they think it is costly.


The value your trees have is not the same value of money you will use taking care of them. This is why you should never avoid doing all these practices. When we look at tree removal, it is one of the methods that most people prevent, but it is essential. The following reasons will make you open-minded and will never fail to do tree removal on your tree garden or forest.

1. To remove the dead trees

One of the main reasons why you need to remove trees is to make sure that there are no dead trees among your trees. The dead trees can be hazardous if left to remain in the compound. However, most people do not know that these can be hazardous, and hence they do not mind removing this type of trees. The dead trees can either fall, or their branches can drop, thereby causing harm to the people around or the structures surrounding them. This is why you need to remove the dead trees.

2. To eradicate the diseased trees

Some tree diseases can be treated with a lot of ease while there are those diseases that cannot be treated. These diseases can be transmitted from one tree to another, making the whole forest to have diseased trees. Instead of reaching a point like this, you are required to remove the infected tree, thereby eradicating the danger the tree or trees might have to the other trees.

3. To remove the trees located in the wrong locations

At times trees can be located in places where they are not supposed to be found. They can be a danger to the people you love or the structures you have in your compound. For instance, a tree that is located very close to your house is in the wrong location, and hence it is hazardous. In case you have such trees, it is always good for you to remove them.

4. Removal for replanting

There are times when the trees in your compound are planted poorly. These trees will not grow to the type of trees you wanted to have.  It would be best if you remove these trees that have been planted poorly and planted other trees correctly as you wanted.

5. To remove the trees that are damaged

Other factors can contribute to the damage of trees. Some of these factors include the storms, strong wind and rains. When a tree has been completely damaged, it has no purpose if staying in your compound. This is why it is required to be removed.

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