The Gold Coast is one of the prime areas in Australia, and everybody is looking forward to buying and build along the coastline. The Gold Coast is famous for its long stretching sand beaches great for surfing. That is not all. The property forecast sets Gold Coast as one that continues to boom for years to come. Additionally, the Gold Coast is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia that has offered great and unmatched opportunities for investors from Australia and around the globe from across the spectrum and home buyers alike. However, you don’t want to buy a bitter-lemon with your hard-earned revenue of pension, ensure the inspection is done by experienced building and pest inspectors for your peace of mind before leaping.

The Gold Coast has everything for everyone, beachside living, hinterland hideaways and more. So, if you are an investor from far or from within, there is a lot that Gold Coast has in store for you, especially first-time home buyers. With all these awesome opportunities on offer for you, you should not take chances, first seek guidance from KTS Building and Pest Gold Coast for complete building inspection reports and within the shortest time possible for you to make an informed decision on whether to buy the property, ask the owners for repairs and renovations or negotiate a lower price so that you can forego the repair and maintenance at your cost. It all depends on you, but it all depends if the building and inspection report meet the threshold of what is in your mind.

What to expect from building and pest inspection

Detailed inspection reports

When you order for a building and pest inspection from a firm that offers those services, you will be assigned two or more licensed inspectors to accompany you to the site. One with experience in timber and termite inspection and the other one with concrete building inspection experience, they will ensure that by the end of the inspection you get all the information about a building you need to know, plus any other relevant information you may require about the property to ensure you purchase the property with confidence.  Inspection reports are emailed to you in three hours from the completion time

Unbiased professional advice

Get professional advice about the property and give no chance to those who quote repairs and maintenance that are non-existent in the spirit of adding more work for their gains. Professional advice aims to guide you and give you real-time information about a building so that you make the right decisions, you will seek third-party services for the property if you want, but just know the real facts of the property first.

Building inspection

Licensed building inspectors will carry out the inspection and give you detailed reports and recommendations for repairs if there are any. They will identify structural faults and any safety issues for the benefit of the potential property owner. They will go the extra mile to advise you accordingly and will answer any questions you may have about the property.

Pest inspection

The inspectors will inspect timber in the building to ascertain the status of the timber used in the building, for example, termite infestation and timber borers, fungi and moulds.

Thermal inspection

Thermal devices are included in the inspection, a tool that is used for pest inspection and the presence of moisture in the property.