One of the essential things that you should never lack in your compound is a gate. At times you can have several gates on your compound while at times one may be enough. When you decide to buy a gate for your property, you have to decide on the material that you need your gate to be made of. Some people will use aluminium, wrought iron gates, while others will use timber. Despite the materials that you select, you must make sure that the gate you install maximises the security of your property. In case you choose to have timber gates, there are different factors that you need to put in mind before you buy your timber gates. Some of these factors are discussed in the article below:

1. The size of the gate

The timber gates that are made by different carpenters are of different sizes. You will find that there are small gates, while others are too big. You have to decide on the size of the gate that you will buy. Make sure that you purchase the timber gate that is about the perfect size, but not too small or too big. The size of the timber gates that you will buy will be determined by the space that you will fit into your gate after buying it. Make sure that you have the actual measurements of that space when you order custom timber gates.

2. The purpose of the gate

The gates that you may install in your compound can play several roles. You have to determine the purpose of the gate that you will be installing. At times you may want a timber gate to improve the aesthetics of your compound while other times, the gate may be for security reasons. Make sure that you buy a timber gate for the right purpose.

3. The style of the gate

One of the good things with the timber gates is that they can be designed and styled in several ways. The style timber gates are determined by the style of your home as well as your impressions. However, you must think about the style of the timber gate before buying it.

4. The size of your property

Apart from the size of the timber gates, you will buy, you must also consider the size of your property. This factor is essential, especially if the timber gate you purchase is to be the entrance gate of your compound. For instance, if you want to have a sliding timber gate, it will require more space, and hence it suits a place where the compound is significant. Put this factor in mind when you are buying your timber gates.

5. Ease of installation

At times gates can be tough to install, especially if they are cumbersome. You have to find out whether the timber gates you will be buying will be easy to install or not. Check on the type of wood that is used in making the gate to ensure that you do not buy a very heavy timber gate that will be hard to install.

6. Price

The other important thing to think about is the price of the timber gates that you will be buying and installing. You must have a budget that will help you in selecting the type of timber gate that you will afford to buy as well as install.