Blocked drains can cause a painful experience if it happens in your property, especially blocked sewer drains. It is even more disastrous when the blockage causes the sewer to enter into the house because it can cause disease outbreaks like cholera and the likes. Luckily enough, some professionals spring to action and treat their duties as emergencies when called upon to assist. They arrive within no time to alleviate the problem hence saving the day or the night.

Kitchen sinks see many pots and pans, glass and silver scrubbed daily while on the other hand members of a household use bathroom sinks to shape, brush teeth, etc., therefore there is a high chance that you will not go long before you meet a blocked drain in your home. Unblocking the drains calls for a professional with a long term unblocking experience.

How to unblock a drain

There is a range of products that can be used to unblock the drains quickly and with less effort. Many people prefer to use natural ingredients to clear blocked drains for safety and environmental reasons, before trying harsh chemical ingredients.


Natural drain cleaners


  1. Pour one cup of baking powder into the blocked drain and ensure that they get in the way to the drain.
  2. The next step is to pour approximately two cups approximately of boiling water, wait for several minutes.
  3. Next, add another cup of baking powder and immediately follow with a cup of plain white vinegar
  4. Now, plug the drain, you will notice bubbling and sizzling taking place that is a sign of good progress.
  5. Once the bubbling and sizzling disappear, pour two cups of boiling water.

You are done, and that is an effective way to keep your sink unblocked, do it once a month, and you will enjoy the results.

Chemical drain cleaners

If natural ingredients did not succeed in unblocking your drain, fret not. Chemical drain cleaners are the next option. There are many products designed to unblock the drains. They work by dissolving the greases and build up that causes the blockage of the drain. They also have ingredients designed to eliminate germs which cause odours from the blocked drains. After clearing the drain successfully, any residual water in the drain should drain away smoothly and no more stagnant odour from your drain. It is also crucial to follow the instructions when using heavy-duty cleaning chemicals, not from health and safety point of view alone, but also different blocked drains require different solutions to be implemented for it to be successful. For instance, a blocked kitchen drain requires a different solution than a blocked bathroom drain that still has some water draining, though slowly.

Eliminating odours

Nasty odours from blocked drains are one of the side effects people experience in their kitchens or bathrooms. In most instances, drains are blocked when large items get stuck in the sink strainer or clog up the drain pipe. When these items rot, bacteria breed in there releasing that nasty smell. Frequent cleaning of bathroom drains, and kitchen drains with quality products is a sure way to keep off bad odour in those areas and keep off debris from building up slowly. Weekly use of natural homemade cleaning ingredients is a good habit you should develop to be environment-friendly and also to keep bad odour at bay.

You can always do things on your own, but there are times when you would need professional help. Gold Coast Plumbing Services specialise in blocked drains. Give them a call for expert advice.