Transportable or removable granny flats provide excellent alternative options than constructing traditional and permanent onsite housing.

Removable granny flats offer an inexpensive housing alternative that takes half the time to construct than traditional homes built onsite. A lot of things are involved during onsite home construction including the higher costs of council requirements and approval.


The stress and expense of constructing a standard home onsite are avoided by opting for removable granny flats. Removable granny flats not only look like a real home but also provide multiple benefits, to include:


A cost-effective home

The bulk order of materials, the standard floor plans, and the manufacturing processes of transportable home manufacturers allow them to attach an affordable price tag to the homes. The affordable price is probably the top benefit removable granny flats offer to homeowners on a tight budget.


Long-term housing solution

The high-quality materials used in constructing portable granny flats make them hardy and durable. Since the homes are meant to be transported from one place to another, removable home manufacturers are required to adhere to the strictest requirements to pass building codes and regulations.

Standard materials used in portable homes include the use of high-quality interior fit-outs, steel frames, and gyprock lining. The exemplary workmanship makes the portable homes not only look like a real home but make it feel like one too.


Availability of larger floor plan sizes

The availability of larger floor plan sizes offers potential customers the choice of home adapted to their taste, preference, and lifestyle. This is contrary to the popular belief that choosing removable homes also means putting up with tiny spaces. However, larger floor plans work to their advantage when it is permanently placed in a location. Its larger size would work disadvantageously when it has to be transported from one location to the other.


Provides the feel and look of a real home

Transportable, portable, and removable granny flats are REAL homes. They are not fragile structures that break or become damaged after a short time. Their construction has to comply with the BCA or Building Code of Australia which means the homes are capable to withstand the test of time.

The use of heavy-duty steel foundations is the main difference portable homes have over brick walls and ceramic roofing of onsite home construction.


Manufactured in factories or warehouses

A portable home is a finished house once it’s delivered to a customer’s location. The construction starts and ends in a factory or warehouse of a manufacturer. Building removable homes are not subjected to the varying changes of weather. The time-frame set by a customer to a manufacturer of portable homes will always be met because factors like weather conditions and labour issues are not problems to contend with.


Faster home build

Wait time between 8-10 weeks is all that is needed for a customer to realise his portable dream home. This allows clients to plan a faster move to their new homes compared to months of waiting for onsite home building.


Removable granny flats in Perth have become the trendy home option for people who want to enjoy the comfort of a home as they move around. It is an affordable home option for people who have always dreamed of owning a home.