At one point or another, we all have remodeled or repurposed our homes, whether it be structural changes or just the interior design. In case of interior design toowoomba, it can be really easy to make mistakes unless you put research behind what you want the outlook of your home to be. Even the professionals can sometimes make mistakes. So here are 5 mistakes that interior designers make too often that can make your home feel like an unwelcome space;

Understanding of Scale

It is really important to have a sense and proportion and scale when trying to design an interior space. One has to find the right balance between furniture, rugs and accessories that go into a room. Sometimes people make the mistake of having furniture pieces either too big or too small for the space. One thing that can off-tone a space real easily is wall hangings of inappropriate sizes that can overwhelm the complete room. Try out multiple possibilities for a space, be critical of how it looks and feels and try to find a balance between all things you choose to showcase.

Trying too hard to match things

It is a common mistake to try to match furniture pieces with each other. It isn’t advisable to have furniture too similar to each other in your room. You don’t want your space to look like a furniture showroom instead of a homey, comfortable space. Mix and match the colors, rugs, furniture, paint and accessories such that they give your room a contrast and gel together overall as a complete unit!

Being shy with lighting

Either having lighting that’s too harsh or too dim also puts a strain on how a space looks like and feels. Often you can have the perfect combination of furniture and accessories in the room and it can still look out of balance. It’s because of incorrect lighting that isn’t complementing the way you want your space to feel like. Work spaces should have brighter lights and spaces to relax and dine should be equipped with dim and warm lighting to elevate and accentuate your experience.

Exposed storage

Sometimes it can be a mistake to have your storage space exposed because of all the clutter that becomes visible in the space. When you have exposed storage, you have to be very mindful of what you place in there because that becomes part of your design. Consider having hidden storage to have enough room for your things as well as to give your space a minimalistic, clean and crisp look.

Wrong selection of paint

A common mistake is the selection of paint before buying furniture. Hold off on painting your walls until you’ve bought and placed your preferred furniture in the room. Only after that should you choose to paint your walls to complement the room.